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Novelty Mugs: Use a Laugh With Your Coffee

Funny coffee mugs for a boss

I have a kick out from the funny quotes you sometimes see on the side of people's coffee mugs. I have come across a few that actually cracked me up. Even designs are outrageously funny. However, I've come across those that weren't as funny as the mug's owner thought. A lot of them were downright corny. Ok, you've got me. I'm also corny just for writing about this. At the very least It though, right? Nonetheless, below These are merely several of my personal favorite funny coffee mugs.

Funny coffee mugs for a boss

The safety Mug

I saw this ingenious design within old office. In numerous office break rooms employees leave their coffee mugs permanently for the next morning's cup after they arrive. Sometimes you will find the new guy or somebody that doesn't realize those cups aren't for public use. Well, this mug could be the answer. It possesses a hole assisting it towards the bottom. Online resources the mug has a key which will only fit their specific mug. So that they sign up for the main element, plug it in on the hole, and pour themselves a cup. Minus the key the coffee just pours out from the hole and spills everywhere. You will never worry about another individual drinking from your cup from now on using this one. I like it!

The "I Pity Da Fool" Mug

A great one for individuals who employed to watch the A-team becoming an adult. Most of us remember Mr. T and his awesome mean-talking, Mohawk-headed, tough-guy attitude. Along the side of this mug reads, "Mr. Tea". Talk about a contrast in statements from Mr. T to Mr. Tea. It does not take prissy innuendo of Mr. Tea when compared to tough Mr. T that is certainly hilarious.

The Potty Mouth Mug

You might have seen this place but it's still fun inducer. The coffee mug shaped like a rest room bowl happens to be a conversation starter. Who can't laugh on the sight of someone drinking from the potty? It gets me every time.

Appropriate Big Mug

Regardless of that's behind this cup it can be sure to cause you to smile if you notice it. This can be a huge coffee mug using a yellow tape measure spanning the entire circumference completely. Then, in large bold lettering it reads, "SIZE MATTERS". Imagine seeing your coworker sipping from this. Even better, imagine seeing your employer. According to which gender is holding it, he/she may indeed create a riot of laughter. I merely wouldn't like to walk a single day to see my mother drinking from this. Yes, I just went there.

So these are it. They're my top four funny coffee mugs. These types of mugs might appear clich´┐Ż or silly for a lot of however i don't care. Some day it will feel like the entire world is against you together with nothing's going right. Then, out of nowhere, the truth is someone drinking coffee from the toilet and start laughing. It could just enable you to put things in perspective. Besides, laughing is something we could all do a greater portion of anyway.

Post by funnycoffeemugs (2016-11-26 21:05)

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